Gli Uccelli
Event details Dance and theatre On 27 August 2021
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Also this year Estate Teatrale Veronese proposes the “Professione Spettacolo Verona” section, in support of the Veronese companies.

Staged on August 27th, 2021 at the Roman Theatre “Gli Uccelli” by Aristofane, co-produced by Mitmacher Teatro, Teatro del Carretto di Lucca, Ippogrifo Productions for video production and Fucina Culturale Machiavelli for the rehearsal residency. A revolutionary comedy, staged for the first time in Athens at the Great Dionysias of 414 BC, where he got second place.

Unlike the others, it does not deal with the usual topics of war and power, but it is true fantasy. Aristophanes frees himself from the sad reality of life at that time and moves away, looking at Athens from above, in the company of the birds and the protagonists of this story.

The story tells of two Athenian citizens who, having reached the limit of resistance, decide to try the climb to the world of birds, to found among the clouds a city free and independent of the world that was falling apart. They found Nubicuculia, convincing all the breeds of birds to pursue the dream of a world of equality, without laws and without money against the greed and corruption of men and gods. On stage a rewrite by Giovanna Scardoni, with the extraordinary participation of Paolo Calabresi.

Source: Iat Verona