Event details Music and concerts On 28 June 2021
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After the success of Sanremo and the screening in Los Angeles of the film featuring them, Extraliscio are ready to perform in Verona on June 28th at the Rumors Festival, part of the program of Estate Teatrale Veronese, that is dedicated to the new languages of music.

Extraliscio, born in 2014 with the fusion of electronics, rock, pop and smooth music, offer traditional Romagna folklore contaminated with the rebellious sounds of punk, in a dance version. The Extraliscio project is the result of the meeting between Mirco Mariani, multi-instrumentalist and experimenter who has played with Stefano Bollani, Paolo Fresu, Arto Lindsay and Vinicio Capossela, and Moreno il Biondo, clarinetist and historical leader of the smooth music, and later Mauro Ferrara has added to the group.

"Dance punk is the perfect cross between tradition and madness, the physical and virtual place where smooth music meets punk. Our concert can start with a lame waltz, where a snare shot is missing and the dancer cannot find the support for his foot. Or it can burst, like a spark, in the sounds of a theremin, which reproduces samples of orchestras of smooth, waltz, polke and mazurke, and shoots them wildly, disregarding the speeds. I mean, it’s all a trip, rhythm and dancing.", says the star of the smooth music and clarinet Moreno il Biondo.

The concert is organized by the Municipality of Verona in collaboration with IMARTS.

Source: Iat Verona