Val Polis Cellae
Event details Exhibitions - Guided tours and excursions On 10 October 2021
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Imagine being on an Autumn Sunday among the vineyards that begin to take on the characteristic yellow-orange color with the warmth of a day in mid-October.

Imagine being in some of the best wineries of Valpolicella, where the secrets for the production of excellent local red wines are carefully kept. And at the same time be surrounded by works of art until you taste a glass of Amarone or Recioto combined with the flavors of the area.

This is Val Polis Cellae, the flagship event organized by the Valpolicella Wine Route for the second Sunday of October and attended by many people every year, both passionate about wine but also just curious! Each year specific routes are decided upon which some of the best wineries in the area are associated with, which will offer a tasting of their wines, an art exhibition with local artists, a guided tour of the company and, in some cases, even a typical Veronese specialty.

The goal is in fact to keep alive the combination of art-gastronomy-wine-discovery of the territory and its products. This year the date of the event is 10 October and from 10 to 18 the 18 participating wineries will open their doors to enthusiasts, tourists and onlookers! The planned routes are 5, in order to represent the 5 valleys of the historic Valpolicella.

Source: Strada del vino Valpolicella