Event details Dance and theatre On 2 July 2021
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A renewed version of a great Shakespearean classic inaugurates the summer review Estate Teatrale Veronese, under the banner of a popular theater of rebirth and research.

Written with the dramaturgical collaboration of Roberto Cavosi, Paolo Rossi's Hamlet is a co-production between Teatro Stabile di Bolzano, directed by Walter Zambaldi, and Teatro Stabile del Veneto. An original version of the famous Shakespearean drama, in which all the main characters will be present such as Hamlet, the mother Gertrude, the prince of Denmark, Claudius the usurper, the chamberlain Polonius and Ophelia but which, unlike the classic works of the Bard in which the character's problems fall on the actor, in this case the character is the vehicle of the actor's intimate problems.

Paolo Rossi is joined on stage by a company of eight artists including actors, Renato Avallone, Laura Bussani, Caterina Gabanella, Marco Ripoldi, Chiara Tomei, and musicians, Emanuele Dell'Aquila, Stefano Bembi, Alex Orciari (also known as the Virtuosi del Carso). “William Shakespeare's theater is a crafty liqueur and we comedians are just the sponges who soak in it and take the shape that best serves our profession”, says Paolo Rossi.

Source: Iat Verona