European Championship I.B.O.
Event details Sport - Festivals and folklore From 4 June 2021 To 6 June 2021
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In these 3 days, on the hills surrounding Fumane, two competition areas will be set, containing 20 archery stations each.

Archers from all over Europe will compete on this field. Meanwhile, the set-up wil be completed by the installation of a small archery village, where bow artisans will also be present.

The European Championship is organised by the C.S.A.In Cremona, under the patronage of the C.S.A.In Veneto and with the support and collaboration of a.s.d. Ar.Co. and a.s.d La Punta del Sole. C.S.A.In is a no-profit association which promotes athletic, cultural and charitable activities.

The Valpolicella territory, known worldwide for its wine-growing and incredible typical products, was deemed an ideal and atmospheric location for the European Chapionship. In fact, this area is characterized by a fascinating morphological conformation, consisting of many woods and rolling hills. The Campionship will certainly be a memorable event, set in a magical territory:You shouldn't miss it!

Source: Strada del Vino Valpolicella