Between Dante and Shakespeare: the myth of Verona
Event details Exhibitions From 11 June 2021 To 3 October 2021
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On the occasion of the celebrations for the 700th anniversary of the death of the poet Dante Alighieri, the Achille Forti Modern Art Gallery is hosting an exhibition entitled "Between Dante and Shakespeare. The Myth of Verona", from April 23rd to October 3rd.

In the six large exhibition sections there is a significant selection of works of art and historical evidence to explore, in an ideal time span from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century, with two precise thematic focus.

The first is the relationship between Dante and Cangrande's Verona and the subsequent nineteenth-century revival of an ideal Middle Ages;
the second, closely linked to the previous one and all about Verona, is the Shakespearean myth of Romeo and Juliet.

The relationship between Dante, Verona and the Veneto region in the early fourteenth century leads us to retrace the figurative culture of Verona at the great junction of Giotto's revolution through an important selection of decorated manuscript and printed texts from the Comedy, both published and unpublished.

A cultural revolution that is nourished in parallel with the historically founded presence of Dante at the court of Cangrande and the imaginary one of the two unfortunate lovers, created in the frame of a courtesy 14th century by William Shakespeare.

An exhibition, curated by Francesca Rossi, Tiziana Franco and Fausta Piccoli, which is spread throughout the city itself, discovering the monuments and urban and architectural testimonies linked to the memory of Dante and Romeo and Juliet.

Source: Iat Verona