Dolo in Fiore
Event details Fairs and markets On 1 May 2021
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An exhibition and market for vegetable and flower gardens, which will take place in the Isola Bassa area from 8 am to 7 pm. Flowers, plants, and articles for gardening and vegetable growing will be on display. The stalls will be located in Via Garibaldi, Ponte dei Molini, Via Mazzini and Piazza Cantiere.

In addition to flowers, there will also be an exhibition of the organic market with a display of various products selected for health protection. And under the Squero, an exhibition of paintings. The highlight of the event is expected in the afternoon with, from 2.30 pm, the 4th edition of the 'Trofeo Molini di Dolo', a bicycle race on the water that combines spectacularity with great effort for the athletes and attracts the curiosity of thousands of spectators who will crowd along the banks of the canal.

Isola Bassa is an island enclosed between two branches of the Brenta, once known as Isola del Maltempo (Island of Bad Weather) because with heavy rainfall the area was partly submerged and therefore isolated. Among the buildings that have remained intact is the squero, an important structure with a trussed roof supported by sturdy brick pillars, now a place for markets and events, and the Mulini, which now house a bar.

Source: Iat Mira