Fiori a Mirano
Event details Fairs and markets On 25 April 2021
Mirano Website (0039) 041 432433
"Fiori a Mirano", this year reaches its XLIII edition. An event dedicated to the pleasure of gardening, to the knowledge and care of plants, and to the search for new outdoor furniture.

Mirano is a destination for everyone: for those who love and practice green, for those who are just curious about it and for those who simply want to take a relaxing walk. The central theme of the event is the Rose, in homage to the ancient Venetian tradition of the "Festa del Bocolo", according to which, on 25 April, every lover gives his beloved a red rosebud.

For this reason, around Piazza Martiri and in the adjacent streets, you can find important specialised nurserymen, with a rich offer of antique roses, collectors' roses, scented roses and new varieties. But you won't find only roses. If you are curious or looking for new species, "Fiori a Mirano" is an elegant showcase created especially for you.

Exhibitors are waiting to offer you the latest news or simply the most suitable for your needs: flowers for pots, shrubs and saplings for small gardens, citrus, climbers, perennials, aromatic plants, plants for shady areas, acidophiles, bonsai, succulents. Those who come to Mirano will not only find flowers, they will also be able to visit the parks, the eighteenth-century villas, the cathedral with its famous Tiepolo altarpiece, and enjoy a moment of gratifying pleasure in the restaurants to taste menus based on aromatic herbs, springtime first fruits and above all the seasonal products of the area.

Source: Iat Mira