Cadore, a snowshoe paradise

At the foot of the Cadini di Misurina

Route details Recommended period Winter Phone+39 0435 99603
Although this is an easy excursion that follows a cart track, always check the snow and avalanche bulletin before setting off.

This easy snowshoe excursion will take you through one of the most stunning areas of the Venetian Dolomites, offering exceptional views all the way. 

Once you've arrived to Lake Misurina and parked your car at the Col de Varda chairlift station, 1,770 metres above sea level, take CAI trail no. 120 (a clearly visible cart track). This path is almost always well beaten and, after about an hour and a half, after a brief detour to the left, you’ll reach the Col de Varda mountain lodge, 2,115 metres a.s.l. The view from here is simply amazing, allowing you to admire the world’s most famous Dolomite massifs, some of which are protected by UNESCO, such as the Marmarole, Sorapis and Cristallo as well as the Tofane and Marmolada.

Heading back along the main path, follow trail no. 120 again and, after about two hours of walking, you’ll reach the Città di Carpi lodge, 2,110 metres a.s.l. You’ll find yourself under the sharp peaks of the Cadini di Misurina, looking out over the majestic Marmarole and Sorapis massif.

Lake Misurina seemingly gets its name from the expression "meso ai rin" , which literally means "midst the streams", as people used to believe that the Piave and Adige rivers originated here.