Festa del vino novello Time for Novello, chestnuts and much more.
Event details Festivals and folklore - Wine and food From 7 November 2020 To 8 November 2020
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The Bardolino cellars introduce ... Novello wine!

Novello wine is not just a young wine but represents a particular type of wine that comes from a production process with different characteristics compared to normal alcoholic fermentation. The grapes are placed in steel containers that are saturated with carbon dioxide. The grapes remain in these tanks for a period that can vary from one to three weeks, at a constant temperature of about 25-30° C.

Contact with carbon dioxide induces intracellular fermentation in the grapes, with the transformation of sugar into alcohol. There is also the transfer of the fruity aromas, the colour of the grapes, and the taste of the wine will be pleasing and smooth. At the end of the carbonic maceration, the grapes are pressed and sent for normal alcoholic fermentation. Bardolino Novello was the first new wine to obtain DOC certification in 1987. It goes well with cured meats, soups and fried fish, but especially with roasted chestnuts to eat on St. Martin's day.

From 11.00 to 22.00 there will be the Novello wine tasting stand and the market of typical products. The Cornicello lakefront, on the other hand, will host the street food festival with Eatinero truck food, accompanied by musical performances and street artists.

Source: Iat Bardolino