Highland Marathon Ready to ride through the highland woods and landscapes?
Event details Sport On 26 September 2021
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The event, which will bring bikers from all over Italy to Gallio, on the wonderful Altopiano dei Sette Comuni, will be the scene of great challenges to win the prestigious test.

Gallio, the highest town in the province of Vicenza with its 1093 m, offers the visitor breathtaking landscapes among woods, pastures and mountains. Not just nature, but history too: the mountains of the Plateau were a theatre of the First World War, in addition there is evidence of an ancient community that inhabited the seven municipalities, the Cimbri, as well as some prehistoric sites. And also trekking, mountain biking and horse riding, thanks to the numerous paths that wind along the whole area, allowing walks of different levels of difficulty, savouring a unique peace, enjoying enchanting views, breathing in history and tradition a stone's throw from a lively centre.

The Highland Marathon will also be the protagonist with the final awards of the Combinata delle Rocce and the Challenge MTB Veneto Experience, with the awarding of prestigious prizes, as well as being a test of the MTB Ahead Tour circuit. Two routes are proposed, the 72 km Marathon with 2,300 m of elevation gain, and the 44 km Classic and 1,400 m of elevation gain, which evolve in a unique historical-naturalistic context, surrounded by the warm autumn colours of the highland woods.

Source: Iat Gallio