Tour of the Berici and Euganean Hills
Route details Difficultyeasy Length91 Km Difference m Duration Departure point Arrival point Recommended period

Two hill ranges stand geographically close in the heart of the Veneto plain, but are divided by geological history. The Euganean Hills, which rise behind the Abano and Montegrotto spas, are of volcanic origin, whereas the Berici Hills south of Vicenza retain the rocky consistence of coral reefs.

These hills are the setting of this tour made of steep and short climbs, pleasant ups and downs, and fast flatland roads. Starting from the Abano and Montegrotto Spas, you reach Torreglia, where the first climb starts up to Castelnuovo with nearly 10% slopes.

You then go downhill towards Teolo past the rocky walls of Pendice and continue on to Vo', where the plain opens that divides the Euganean from the Berici Hills.

You will soon reach Ponte di Barbarano where the road begins to rise sharply. After reaching the top of the slope, you head north towards Vicenza, over a series of fun ups and downs.

At Arcugnano, you can gaze at the surrounding hills and then Lake Fimon. When you get to the Monte Berico shrine, you will want to stop at the square overlooking the city of Vicenza. Visit the old town with its numerous Palladian monuments and then back on your bike to get back and rejuvenate at the Spas.