Roberto Bolle & Friends Excitement on tiptoes.
Event details Dance and theatre - Great events From 2 August 2021 To 3 August 2021
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On August 2rd and 3rd, 2021, the magical atmosphere of Arena di Verona will provide the setting for this show, one of the most anticipated of the summer season for the fourth year in a row.

Roberto Bolle & Friends is a must see International Dance event which enjoyed enormous success with the public in 2017 and 2018 and was featured in Italy’s major venues. 

An evening event of pure magic on tiptoes, with the most exciting classical dance talent and elegance poured on the stage.

Roberto Bolle will be the grand master of ceremonies, performing in the evocative Verona amphitheatre together with stars from the most prestigious international dance companies.

The show will feature both the classical and contemporary repertoire, with the contribution of some of the most important international choreographers.

Born in Casale Monferrato in 1975, Roberto Bolle is the first dancer in the world to be at the same time Étoile of the Milan La Scala Theatre and Principal Dancer of the New York American Ballet Theatre.

The event is organized by Fondazione Arena in co-production with Artedanza and will start at 9 pm.   

Tickets available at the tourist office in Verona, Piazza Bra.

Source: Iat Verona