Marc Chagall. Even my Russia will Love me Fairy tale images for a dreamy painting
Event details Exhibitions From 19 September 2020 To 17 January 2021
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Romantic and surreal: a Russian fairy tale.

Flying donkeys, outlandish musicians and moving boundless landscapes. A fantasy world where anything can happen, inspired by Russia's visionary cultural tradition with its wealth of images and legends. Palazzo Roverella offers a new, important monographic exhibition on Marc Chagall.

An exhibition that intends to analyse the other breeding ground of the artist's own iconography, i.e. the popular tradition of deep Russia, in a broad and perfectly documented way. An iconography made of religiosity, in which echoes of religious iconography are found stratified in the icons and popular cartoons of Luboks, whose characters such as the roosters, goats and cows that populated the daily life of Russian villages, can also be found in the later works by Chagall.

These elements metamorphose into Chagall's work in a sort of poetic realism that draws its expressive syntax from the tradition of the Russian fable, while its intellectual and spiritual style derives from the Jewish and Christian Orthodox world. And in all this Russia remains the place of roots, of the memory of a love that feels disappointed and dreams of being able to fulfil itself.

Opening times: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00; Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 9:00 to 20:00.

Source: Regione del Veneto