Verona Marathon
Event details Sport On 15 November 2020
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A Marathon to remember! It’s time to get training and start getting in shape for the run of your life on next November!

From Piazza Bra to Piazza: 42,195 km through the hills and Verona city centre, Unesco’s heritage. Who runs or attends to the Marathon can enjoy one of the most beautiful route of the area. And others, that have been here before, want to come back because the magic of this area must be deeper discovered. High quality sport performances, old tradition, beautiful landscapes, heritage patrimony and love are the ingredients of a perfect receipt to experience during Verona Marathon Day!

The Marathon will be 42,195 kilometres long, totally flat and free of traffic. Start will be from the Arena Square as well as the arrival!

This year all utilieties and services for runners will be on the square together with the Expo village. During the Marathon there will be on programme other races. For professional runners the Cangrande Half-Marathon 21,097 km and the Last 10 Km Marathon, run on a distance of 10 kilometres through the historic centre of the city; for amateur runners, families and children, the Last10Km Marathon on the same route of the professional one. Pre-registration required.

Source: IAT Verona