'900 italiano A century of art. Ninety works of Italian art
Event details Exhibitions From 1 February 2020 To 10 May 2020 (solo Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
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Whether it has taken refuge in the myth of the form or in its denial, in the most abstract idea or in the most humble subject matter, Italian art has portrayed the electrocution of modernity and the tragic (dis)illusions of the "short century" in the works of the artists who have experienced, loved, hated and rewritten it.

The Eremitani Museum hosts the ‘900 Italiano (Italian 1900s) exhibition. A century of art, organised by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Padua in collaboration with COR, Creare Organizzare Realizzare. With the exhibition, the curators Maria Teresa Benedetti and Francesca Villanti wish to offer one of the possible interpretations of the history of the Italian twentieth century, in ninety works, without aiming to be exhaustive.

The twentieth century flows in artistic occurrences and re-occurrences, in the sudden changes of generations and pictorial mentalities, marked by the tolls of history: this fast-paced exhibition reflects on the revolutionary aspects that made the twentieth century fruitful and restless, in an artistic parable that unfolds between leaps and continuity, phases of crisis and progress.

'900 Italiano chronologically reconstructs a century of art through a selection of emblematic masterpieces, with the aim of providing visitors with food for thought to understand them, thanks to viewing extraordinary works that document the high international value of Italian creative endeavours.

Source: IAT Padova