Confetti and lots of fun

Foto Daniela Campo - gruppo fotografico Comelico

Masked Veneto

Venice Carnival 2020

This year the theme of the Venice Carnival will be Love, Play and Madness. From 8th to 25th February a full programme will enliven the historic centre and the Venetian mainland. Unmissable events with the traditional Opening Party on the water, the Corteo delle Marie procession and the flight of the Angel.

Bacanal del Gnoco

Bacanal del Gnoco is an ancient carnival tradition of the city of Verona. Among the many events scheduled there is also the Carnival Village (from 18th to 24th February), Venerdì Gnocolar Friday (21st February) and finally the Magnifico Convivio grand ball at the Gran Guardia palace (25th February).

The Santa Apollonia Massquerade

The Santa Apollonia Massquerade takes place in Dosoledo, a small town in the Dolomites (Belluno). The protagonists are the "Laké" and "Matažin", traditional masked figures in typical colourful costumes. Two days of celebration: Sunday 9th February (two parades) and Tuesday 25th February with the masquerade of "L'ultmu d'Carnaval".

The Children's Carnival

The Children's Carnival in Ceggia (Venice) offers three parades starring spectacular symbolic floats: the first will be held on Sunday 16th February (at night), followed by those of Sunday 23rd and Fat Tuesday on 25th February.

Marca Carnivals

Even the squares and streets of the province of Treviso will be invaded by carnival euphoria. The 2020 edition of the Marca Carnivals has 23 parades that will culminate on 25th February with the closing shows in Treviso, Conegliano and Cornuda.