La Chiamata di Marzo
Event details Festivals and folklore From 21 February 2020 To 23 February 2020
Recoaro Terme Website Ask for info (0039) 0445 75070
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In Recoaro Terme on the last Sunday of February - every two years - a large and participatory event sees hundreds of costumed figures parading through the streets of the town, who in groups, on foot or on carts set up with curate sets, showcase an extraordinary series of tools and testimonies of the civilization and mountain tradition 'Cimbra'.

It is a joyful moment of rediscovery of the past, unique in its kind for originality and suggestion. The tradition of the "batimarso" is characteristic of the populations of the Alpine and pre-Alpine arc, which from the most remote times at the end of winter joyfully descended from their valleys, making a racket with the most varied tools to awaken the summer.

The Recoarese event attracts a large number of spectators, even from afar, and in addition to being recognized and registered as a "historical event" of the Veneto Region, the "Chiamata di Marzo" has recently aroused the interest of the illustrious director Pupi Avati, who made a documentary in particular on the excited preparatory phase, which involves all the inhabitants of the picturesque districts.

Source: IAT Recoaro Terme