Foto Matteo Danesin

Veneto by bicycle, the myth of the Giro d’Italia.

During springtime, when fields and forests dress in a bright green,the Veneto roads become pink to host one of the most important stage races in the world: the Giro d’Italia. Bike lovers and locals get the party started to support the bike champions challenge from the countryside roads up to the top of Dolomite mountain passes.

A new page of the myth is written year after year and a unique and incomparable environment shields this fascinating event. Cheering voices along the streets shout down: only rural countryside sounds and deep mountain silence can be heard. This guide invites alltourists on its excursions and climbings: from beginners to the most experienced riders.

Dolomites,Asiago plateau and the Prosecco,Valpolicella, Euganean and Bericihills: unforgettable landscapes and enjoyable downhills will gratify the fatigue.