Bardolino in Wine The fringe festival for wine lovers
Event details Wine and food From 15 May 2020 To 17 May 2020
Bardolino Website Ask for info (0039) 045 6212586
From 15th to 17th May 2020 "Bardolino in Wine" meets Lake Garda in Bardolino!

Vinitaly, the trade fair for wine and spirits the largest in the world, for the first time splits outside the Scaliger walls choosing Bardolino as a frame and strong point for the quality of wine. "Bardolino in Wine" is now ready to conquer the wine lover showing and presenting the wine excellence in Bardolino.

An event that will bring a breath of fresh air, thanks to a full calendar of events: not only wine & quality food, but also a lot of music, mapping shows, video projections, art installations. On the lake promenade Cornicello on the lakefront and at the Carrara Bottagisio Park there will Consortia Wine related to the productive reality of Bardolino, Lugana, Valpolicella and Custoza. very special guest will be the Prosecco DOC Consortium: the institution responsible for coordinating and managing the Denomination of Controlled Origin Prosecco.

A must for all wine lovers who will be accompanied by tastings with sommelier of the Fisar discovering the best Italian wines offered by consortia of protection and cellars. You can also taste local and territorial excellence.

A pleasant opportunity to discover and learn more about the culinary and cultural attractions of Bardolino.

Source: IAT Bardolino