Festa di San Silvestro
Event details Music and concerts - Festivals and folklore From 31 December 2019 To 1 January 2020
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Every year when New Year's Eve approaches it is inevitable to be asked "but you, what do you do on New Year's Eve?" You don't always have the answer ready... But this year no hesitation!

The New Year's Eve is celebrated in the company of Bardolino at the Carrara Bottagisio Park and in Piazza Matteotti. You got it right: there will be two locations with live music that will make you spend a very special night. From 10.30 p.m. to 1.00 a.m. the Castadiva will go on stage in Parco Carrara Bottagisio with their rock and pop music, while in Piazza Matteotti music with DJ set.

Everything is ready in Bardolino to celebrate the New Year's Eve night based on dancing, fun and the incomparable atmosphere that only Lake Garda can give. To celebrate the night between December 31 and January 1 is celebrated with the New Year's Eve. On the occasion of this celebration Bardolino will be illuminated with the lights of fireworks at 24.00.

Many also consider it an opportunity to make good intentions for the new year. The Italian tradition includes a series of superstitious rituals for the first of the year that can be more or less strictly respected as that of dressing red underwear or throwing old or unused objects from the window. The lentils are eaten at dinner on December 31 as a sign of wealth for the new year and another tradition involves kissing under the mistletoe as a sign of good luck.

Source: IAT Bardolino