Silent Dante
Event details Dance and theatre On 18 January 2020
On 23 January 2020
On 6 February 2020
On 22 February 2020
On 7 March 2020
On 12 March 2020
On 21 March 2020
On 2 April 2020
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Brainchild: Paolo Valerio direction: Silvia Mercuriali and Paolo Valerio; written by: Silvia Mercuriali and Alberto Pavoni; sound design: Silvia Mercuriali; narrator: Alberto Pavoni. Beatrice: Letizia Bravi; co-production: Teatro della Toscana Teatro Nazionale - Teatro Stabile di Verona; Centro di Produzione Teatrale in collaboration with: Centro Scaligero degli Studi Danteschi.

The project was born from the idea of telling the story of Dante's life and works, in a journey through the places of his life and his poetry, both in Verona and Florence. The show will then take place in a "travelling" way: viewers will be guided by an actor-narrator, or rather a Virgil - Narrator, who will lead them from time to time to discover a different moment in Dante's life and in parallel of his works.

Source: IAT Verona