Triathlon Internazionale Bardolino
Event details Sport On 20 June 2020
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That of 2019 will be the Olympic Triathlon most beloved of Italy.

The G.S. Bardolino is pleased to invite you to 37° International Triathlon. An authentic occasion to live sport in three great skill: swimming, cycling and running! Multidisciplinary Sport of resistance in which the athlete covers in the order a swimming test, a cycling and a running without interruption, the Triathlon is fun, health, challenge with oneself, undertaking and harmony with nature.

It is a young sports, new, which unites together the three most popular disciplines and practiced in a single test. Competitors must in fact pass from a fraction of the race at the other, demonstrating excellent conditional capacity such as strength and resistance, but also good coordination capacity, having to express during their effort sporting gesture completely different between them, such as swimming, cycling and running.

Triathlon "classic", the so-called olimpico is the dispute about 1500 m swimming, about 40 Km cycling and finally on 10 km race. But there are several variants of the distances of the Triathlon depending on age and technical characteristics. once again you athletes will be the actors of an event to remember!

Source: IAT Bardolino