The Soul of Things Rites and artefacts from the Roman necropolis of Opitergium
Event details Exhibitions From 24 November 2019 To 31 May 2020 (solo Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
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New events for Oderzo Cultura that starts the new cultural season with the exhibition "The soul of things: Rites and artefacts from the Roman necropolis of Opitergium".

Exhibition promoted and organised by Fondazione Oderzo Culture in collaboration with the Archaeological, Belle ARti and Landscape Superintendence for the Venice metropolitan area and the provinces of Belluno, Padua, Treviso and with the Veneto Polo Museale.

From 24 November, the public will be able to admire some of the most beautiful and significant artefacts discovered in the archaeological digs that have been undertaken in the centre of Oderzo since the 1980s.

"The Soul of Things" refers to the burials of figures who lived in Roman times over the course of six centuries, from the 1st to 6th century A.D., in Oderzo. Phoebe was one of the people who lived in Roman Opitergium, whose memory will be awakened by the exhibition. Her memory resurfaces in words sculpted in a stele dedicated to her that dates back to the 1st century A.D., which preserves the faces of the three figures, a man and two women, against the background of a large shell.

In the same way, a beautiful terracotta horse, fitted with wheels for pulling it along, found in a tomb from late 2nd-early 3rd century A.D. tells us of a child and his childhood games.

Source: Iat Oderzo