Baite Aperte Baite Aperte (Open Huts) is a cult event devoted to skiing and good food in the mountain huts
Event details Guided tours and excursions On 15 March 2020
Lago di Alleghe Website Ask for info (0039) 0437523544

A whole day’s walk amidst snowy woods and mountain huts read to welcome us with open arms, good cheer, tasty dishes and lots of surprises.

Baite Aperte is now a well-established March tradition in Alleghe and very popular among the visitors who come to take part in the event that gets bigger and better every year. A day devoted to foodies and freeriders, a celebration dedicated to all mountain, skiing, snowboarding, Telemark skiing and snowshoe enthusiasts.

Why we recommend you do not miss out on the coolest food event of the year: For the foodies: an unconventional and dynamic gastronomic experience travelling on skis to enjoy the delights of the Baite Aperte tour.

For freeriders: discover the network of huts you can only reach by trying out new routes, from a simple transfer to powder in the woods!

For non-skiers: a stunning snowshoe hike to discover the mountain huts in the company of expert guides.

For art lovers: discover the Alleghe "Wood Art" and admire the aesthetic magic created by local craftsmen by transforming ordinary tree trunks into veritable works of architectural art.

And don’t miss the great closing event at the Grande Baita Civetta.

Source: IAT Alleghe