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"Contemporanee/Contemporanei" is the title of the exhibition of works of contemporary art owned by the collector Giorgio Fasol, who for years has invested almost exclusively in young artists.

Some of these have established themselves internationally over the years such as Giulio Paolini, Eva Marisaldi, Rodolfo Aricò, Nico Vascellari, Diego Perrone and Loris Cecchini, to name a few. The new project to raise awareness and training in contemporary art was born thanks to an agreement of collaboration between the University of Verona and Agi Verona, Giorgio Fasol, a well-known collector of works by young emerging artists.

The aim of the convention is to make the university a place of confrontation with art, understood as a key to interpreting reality, through the active involvement of students. Agi Verona undertakes to deliver on loan about one hundred works from its collection, while the University undertakes to preserve and enhance them in its own spaces.

The exhibition that publicly inaugurates the project is to be understood as a first step towards equally ambitious projects of enhancement that, as stated in the premises, should be understood as the active involvement of students and departments.

The exhibition is curated by Denis Isaia of the MART museum in Rovereto.

Source: Iat Verona