Great Exhibitions

Art meets history and is told in unmissable exhibitions

From Titian to Rubens

Venice: until 1/03/2020, at Palazzo Ducale, “From Titian to Rubens. Masterpieces from Antwerp and other Flemish Collections”. Around 80 paintings, drawings, prints, statues and glass pieces from both Venice and Antwerp, made in Venetian style. 

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Belzoni's Egypt

Padua: from 25/10 to 28/06/2020, at the Altinate San Gaetano Cultural Centre, " Belzoni's Egypt.A giant in the land of the pyramids". An exciting journey with around 200 pieces from the greatest museums in the world
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Van Gogh, Monet, Degas

Padua: from 26/10 to 03/01/2020 Palazzo Zabarella hosts "Van Gogh, Monet, Degas". Exclusively for Italy, more than 70 masterpieces from the mid-nineteenth century to the early twentieth century.
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Giacometti's time from Chagall to Kandinsky

Verona: from 16/11 to 05/04/2020, at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia, " Giacometti's time from Chagall to Kandinsky ". Over seventy works that add up to about twenty other masterpieces
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Portrait Of Woman

In the halls of the Palladiana Basilica in Vicenza, the exhibition "Portrait of Woman" shows around one hundred works including paintings, drawings, sculptures, clothing and jewellery that amaze visitors with the as yet untold story of the modernity of the 1920s, represented by the female icons of Ubaldo Oppi’s painting. (from 6 December to 13 April 2020)
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Dalì meets Palladio

An open-air exhibition: until 13 april 2020 the characteristic majestic buildings of the city of Vicenza, designed by Andrea Palladio, encounter the undisputed protagonist of Golden Arts, Salvador Dalì. The Catalan artist will dominate the scene with the exclusive exhibition of some of his sculptures. Framed by the city, classicism and surrealism, ancient and modern will merge in perfect harmony.

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