Queenmania Rhapsody
Event details Music and concerts - Dance and theatre On 13 February 2020
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"Is it real life or is it fantasy?": this is how the Queen's manifesto song begins, the most incredible gamble in the history of rock music.

There is everything inside, splinters of hard-rock, pop, glam, opera, the eighteenth century, theatricality, the existential anxieties of man, the outcasts, the and the underworld.

There are no social messages in their songs and yet even today they are powerful, fascinating, credible, not at all surpassed by reality. The art of Queen has always been the staging of a fairy tale... romantic, melancholic, ironic, heartbreaking, joyful, sensual and transgressive.

To understand, you don't need reason, you just have to surrender to the extraordinary ability to make a living... from records, to live shows, to lives, in particular Freddie's. The Queenmania, a renowned and much-loved tribute band of Queen, get back in the game by expanding the boundaries of the concert and pack Queenmania Rapsody, a new show in which the music, the visual fascination, the narration (under the direction of Daniele Sala) coexist in a more theatrical formula, a real pop rhapsody inhabited by cats, ugly ducklings, fairy guitars, spoiled queens and a treasure chest of songs that break the heart at every note, giving us the illusion of being able to "live forever".

Source: IAT Verona