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Public Museum of Woodcraft

Cerea, in Verona province, has a public Woodcraft Museum a precious heritage of a time long past where craftsmen crafted furniture from logs.

This exhibition space features over 3000 pieces of history and tradition involving generations, that transformed peasants into skilled craftsmen, experts in wood construction, carving and decoration.

Since 2002, when the City of Cerea acquired the entire collection, the museum has been permanently sited in the former Perfosfati factory. Here, tools and utensils have been carefully restored and catalogued.

There are three exhibition sections: the first is tied to the craft museum. The second is dedicated to the rural world, describing the daily life of a time past: from festivals, to laundry and to the grape harvest. The third and last section concerns the world of printed paper and books with valuable documents such as the very important manuscript of 1500 "Paris of Cerea" and the dispute over the Tartaro River of 1700.

The Public Museum of Woodcrafts is part of the of the Veneto Region Ethnographic Museums Circuit and is open by appointment.

tel. 0442 82288