Grappa Museum

The Poli Grappa Museum honours the only 100% Italian distillate there is: at its two sites in Vicenza, in Bassano del Grappa and Schiavon, visitors can relive the history and developments of this "elixir" thanks to the documentation made available by the Poli family, which has been making grappa for over a century. 

The museum in Bassano, located opposite the Ponte Vecchio, or "old bridge", is made up of five rooms and can be experienced with the aid of an audio guide. On your way around the exhibition you will discover the origins and evolution of distillation and learn about the stills and production tools; you can also admire the complete collection of mignon grappas of Italy and some rare examples of bottles from the early 20th century. You will even have the chance to test yourself with the olfactometers, recognising the prevailing notes of the distillates.

Schiavon, on the other hand, is home to a more in-depth exhibition on distillation systems, marc and the Poli family, as well as a further collection of bottles from the 1930s and ‘80s.

You can visit both museum centres for free.

Museo Poli Bassano
tel 0424 524426

Museo Poli Schiavon
tel 0444 665775