Museum of Jewellery

Since December 2014, the famous Basillica Palladiana is home to the Museum of Jewellery, the only exhibition space in Italy that is dedicated to the art of jewellery.

The distinctive feature of this museum is its biennial event: every two years new international curators are chosen, each of whom suggest a theme for a selection of jewellery that will exhibited in various rooms. This act makes it one of the most innovative and highly visited museums. The biennial event is set on the first floor of the Basilica and winds through nine themed rooms.

The ‘Symbol’ room exhibits a selection of jewellery that was traditionally used to demonstrate wealth and status. Whereas, the ‘Magic’ room holds a collection of talismans and amulets, typical of non-European societies and represents the human need to believe in a supernatural dimension.

The ‘Function’ room holds a number of functional objects that have been made into jewellery, while the artefacts in the ‘Beauty’ room give testimony to the intrinsic splendour in how they were created. The ‘Art’ room exhibits the work of contemporary artists and their personal quest to unite art and jewellery.

In the ‘Fashion’ room, jewellery  represents how we see ourselves, the evolution of customs and the technological advancement of society. The ‘Design’ room gathers jewellery created by architects and designers where preciousness is formed by creativity and innovation.

The ‘Icon’ room exhibits a selection of masterpieces chosen by the way they were created and the choice of materials used. Finally, the jewellery in the ‘Future’ room is characterised by the search for new materials and techniques for interaction with the body. 

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