Boots and Sports Shoes Museum

The Boots and Sports Shoes Museum opened in Montebelluna as a result of an initiative encouraging certain private companies and local business people to recount the history and achievements of the handicraft and industrial activity that brought fame to this part of the March of Treviso.
The Montebelluna Sportsystem District is one of the main areas of production that the Veneto region specialises in and has been around since the times of the Republic of Venice. In the 16th century Villa Zuccareda Binetti you can admire a collection comprising more than 2000 historic items linked to the world of design, planning, technological innovation and sports shoes production. 

The Museum embraces two centuries of history of the District over two floors in its 11 rooms and preserves the entrepreneurial values of years gone by and the rediscovery of models, strategies, skills and know-how that have enabled companies to excel the world over. The collection ranges from walking boots and the heavy leather boots of the early 1800s to the avant-garde boots and footwear of the latest trends. Numerous historical documents marking the social development of the local community can be found alongside the first shoemaking tools - veritable archaeological artefacts.

Besides shoemaking tools and machinery, footwear actually worn and used by sporting champions when fulfilling their achievements – Olympic medals, alpine challenges and records – there are many reconstructions which help tell the story of the local shoemaking activity. The museum acts as a landmark for the sector on a global level. The archive also preserves 700 filed patents and a collection of approximately fifty years’ worth of catalogues of the main historic brands.

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