Traditional Lagoon boats

Venice and its local area have an age-old sailing tradition: founded and developed on water, the “Most Serene” Venice has transformed excellence in sailing into one of the strengths for its economy, and the transportation of passengers and goods in the Lagoon and out in the open sea has been a key activity for this place for centuries now. 
The historical and cultural value of ships which were once upon a time built in the Arsenal, fast boats prepared in the small boatyards dotted around the city and boats fine-tuned on the coast, is now recognised with the brand “Barca tipica della Laguna di Venezia” [Traditional Venetian Lagoon Boat].

There are many local boats, and a huge variety at that: from the famous gondola, with its curved contours, to the elegant puparin; from the sandolo, the basic model for all load-bearing lagoon boats, to its secondary models, the s'ciopon and the sanpierota; from the topo, used to tranpsort goods, to its close relatives the topa and topetta; from the popular còfano to the nimble gondolino; from the almost no longer existing peata to the timeless fishing bragosso; from the robust batelon and batela to the caorlina, used almost only for historical regattas.

Built according to strict criteria and respectful of an age-old tradition, they are all flat-bottomed boats suitable for the shallow depths of the Lagoon: these boats bring the Lagoon to life, dotted as they are on its horizons, enhancing its views.