Spring: bring the taste from Veneto on the table

It is time to bring the Spring on the table with light but tasty dishes. In Veneto, it means using some of the best typical products in the world. We have selected easy recipes to be tried out in your kitchen!

Risi e bisi alla veneta

“Risi e bisi magnar da Doge” was a saying used during the Serenissima Republic because this dish was served to the Serenissimo Prince on the occasion of the banquet on 25 April, the feast of the patron saint of San Marco.
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Codfish fritter on asparagus puree

The creamed cod goes perfectly with the white Bassano asparagus PDO. In this very easy recipe, the cod fish is breaded and fried and finally placed on a very delicate asparagus purée.
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Bassano PDO eggs and asparagus

Very few ingredients are needed for this dish that is linked to Easter tradition and that brings one of the most famous Venetian vegetable in the world onto the table: the white Bassano asparagus PDO.
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Boiled musky octopus

The musky octopus is a small brownish octopus that loves the sandy bottoms of the Veneto coast. It is fished throughout the year and is one of the undisputed protagonists of Caorle's cuisine.  
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Rabbit and Badoere asparagus PGI

The Badoere Asparagus PGI, either white or green, is one of the most valuable local products in Veneto. This vegetable is good for the palate but also a health ally because it is rich in vitamins and mineral salts and has a very small supply of calories. Try them on this second delicate tasted course.
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Bussolai Buranelli

Typical Easter sweets: according to tradition during Holy Week the housewives of the island of Burano kneaded large quantities of biscuits and then had them baked by local bakers.
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