Foto credits: Museo del Vetro di Murano

Glass beads

In December 2020 the art of Venetian glass beads became a UNESCO Intangible Heritage. An Italian-French candidacy put forward for the Italian side by the Committee for the protection of the art of Venetian glass beads and by the French one by the Association des Perliers d’art de France.

The recognized dossier highlighted the peculiarity of the different glass processes: "lume" beads (which involve the winding of flame-melted glass around a metal stick), "cane" beads (cutting and grinding of perforated glass canes), the threading of the “conterie”, very small glass beads, and the realization of glass canes in the kiln.

A centuries-old art unique in the world whose intangible aspects must be protected: the specific language, the memories, the gestures and the places (such as the "Calle delle Conterie", which takes its name from the tiny glass beads). And then again the strong sense of belonging to this artistic craft and the attention to innovation and the reuse of materials as a means to stimulate creativity and promote lasting development.

For Venice, this is the first inscription of an intangible element on the UNESCO List: a recognition of a noble and wise art that has characterized the city’s history for centuries.

Murano Glass Museum

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