The way of the mills in Lozzo di Cadore

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Not to be missed: the Dairy Museum, which documents the history and techniques of milk processing.
The artificial canal of the mills is located along the rio Rin and until the middle of the twentieth century it was the fulcrum of production of Lozzo di Cadore. Nestled among woods and the peaks of the Dolomites, in the province of Belluno, the town has always been rich in crafts. According to a 1766 document, along the Rin waterway stood ten grain mill wheels, a timber sawmill, a woolen cloth mill, sixteen canvas looms, and five mill stones.

Along this small stream you can find one the most interesting examples of industrial archeology throughout the Cadore area, including partly recovered remains of ancient water mills that powered the numerous Cadore factories. A very evocative walk reaches three mills: the mills Del Favero, which probably already existed in 1700, Da Pra e Calligaro, which was recorded in the land registry as early as 1830, and the mill they call nowadays “dei Pinza”, mentioned in an 1846 document.
Among the many routes that you can travel in this area, there is also the charming Tita Poa botanical trail that runs through the forest overlooking the road that leads to the "Pian dei Buoi" plateau at about 1800 metres above sea level, at the foot of the Marmarole Group.