Foto Matteo Danesin
E1 - The long trail of the Dolomites
Route details Difficultyeasy Length50 Km Difference m Duration Departure pointPasso Cimabanche Arrival pointCalalzo di Cadore Recommended period

The cycle path of the Dolomites is one of the most rewarding ways to travel around the entire Alpine arc: it offers the chance to cycle through stunning scenery with amazing views surrounded by some of the peaks that have been recognized as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The itinerary starts from from Cortina and faithfully follows the route of the railway track built during the World War I and dismantled in 1962. The more well-trained cyclists may opt to cycle even higher leaving from the Cima Banche mountain pass. Along the route, cyclists will encounter the original stations, tunnels and bridges that cross deep, shady gorges. 

After leaving the famous valley of Cortina, the trail follows the course of the small river Boite southwards until it reaches San Vito di Cadore. After Borca di Cadore, the stream plunges into the valley below while the cycle path stays at the same level and passes over the sunny slopes of the picturesque towns and villages of Vodo, Venas, Valle and Tai.

Pieve di Cadore includes the house that was the birthplace of the famous Renaissance painter Tiziano Vecellio, as well as numerous buildings of historical interest and two museums, one devoted to the history of the "Magnificent Community of Cadore" and another that focuses on the history of the production of spectacles. 

On reaching Calalzo, visitors can head for the railway station where they can take the train to Belluno or the frequent bus service with bicycle transport facilities to return to the point of departure.