Drift along the water

Route details Recommended period Summer, Autumn Phone0425 386 111

Useful advice. An ideal itinerary for those who want to try an experience to the rhythm of the Po.

By canoe, or in small boats suitable for the shallow waters of the lagoons, you can discover the wonderful twists and turns of the landscape shaped by the river Po.

Our journey departs from Po di Venezia, the largest branch of the river, by the Volta Grimana lock basin, a majestic work that links the Po di Levante delta and the Litoranea Veneta (Venetian coastline), the ancient waterway built by the memory of Serenissima Republic that leads to Venice.

From here, drifting from the current but paying attention to the waterway signs, we go down the river surrounded by a fantastic scenery. A mixture of green, from the lush nature, and blue, which the river is painted in, reflecting the clear sky. The pace is that of the Po.

We soon enter the Po di Maistra. Thick vegetation shrouds the first part of the river in shade like a giant natural umbrella, creating the perfect habitat for hundreds of animal species. We go down a short stretch downstream and enter the Po delle Tolle on the right: this environment is characterised by the typical vegetation of reed-beds areas, mainly with shrub cover. Wide sandy areas and lagoon may be observed on the left.

The accommodation is in a public or private berth in one of the equipped ports in the Delta, and gives us the privilege of being awoken by the deafening song of hundreds of species of birds: herons, grebes, little grebes and many others.

In canoe, or on small nautical means suitable for the shallow waters of the lagoons, you can discover the wonderful corners of the landscape carved out by the River Po.