Dalle carpe alle bagoline
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The story we are about to tell begins five hundred years ago, at the grounds of a villa where numerous carps swam undisturbed in large fishponds and from a colomber tower the surrounding vegetable gardens and orchards could be controlled. Guarding this eco-friendly garden was a delightful villa whose spaces were built according to their function-winter wing and summer wing-as an impeccable example of climate maximization. With the advent of industrialization, an important factory producing wooden sticks also developed in the City, and to support the business, the owners decided to plant a long avenue of hackberry trees, from which they sourced useful material for production. Our journey through history, moreover, takes us to the time of the Serenissima, during which the unforgettable Zorzi Semitecolo, podestà of the City, issued an edict aimed at ensuring a well-supplied market and fair prices for his community.

What's next on the sustainable path in Castelfranco Veneto? We are waiting for you, to find out, on Tuesday, October 31, on the occasion of the 20th Urban Trekking Day!

Source: IAT Castelfranco Veneto