Veneto on a plate

A tour of Veneto in 7 typical dishes

A recipe for each province: Veneto can also be discovered at the table, among the flavours and aromas of our typical products. The dishes we suggest are easy and perfect for this autumn season. Enjoy your meal!

Sarde in Saor (Seasoned sardines, “saor” means “taste.”)

This is a typical recipe from the city of Venice. A dish that dignifies the small blue fish, preparing it in sweet and sour with the addition of onions, vinegar, raisins and pine nuts. For a more natural taste, the sardines can be fried without flour.
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Risotto all'isolana (traditional risotto from Scala Island)

In Verona, rice is celebrated with the famous recipe created by Sir Pietro Secchiati. Such an important tradition that in 1985 the then mayor of the municipality of Isola della Scala officially approved it.
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The most famous dessert in the world was created in Treviso in 1962. The ingredients are high in calories: sugar, eggs, mascarpone and sponge fingers. The recipe derives from "sbatudin", egg yolk beaten with sugar, used as a tonic.
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Padua hen salad

A simple but tasty recipe that takes us to the province of Padua. The protagonist of this dish is the Padua hen, a product protected by a Slow Food Presidium, also known as “the great tufted hen”.
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Squash risotto

A dish from the province of Rovigo that combines Carnaroli PGI rice produced in the Po Delta with the Butternut squash from Melara. A recipe that brings the flavour and colour of autumn to your tables.
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Baccalà alla vicentina (Vincenza codfish)

Vicenza’s representative dish. Characterized by the abundance of very soft and fatty sauce, it inevitably goes well with corn polenta, gently stirred in a pot or served toasted.
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Casonziei de patate (pasta with a potato filling)

This starter dish typical of celebration days is enjoyed in many areas of the province of Belluno. Depending on the location, the filling changes (pumpkin, wild spinach, nettle tops, beetroot, as well as potato with onion).
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