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Veneto on the table

With its numerous mouth-watering dishes, the Veneto is a land of temptation. Pasta and beans, "Bigoli" with duck sauce, stockfish cooked in the style of Vicenza, guinea hen with pevarada (pepper) sauce, radicchio with Venetian salami...your mouth is already watering, right? Among the Italian regional cuisine, the cuisine of the Veneto is distinguished by their unique tastes and variety. The dishes are an expression of the richness of this land, its traditions, its identity, its history and people.

Divided among starters, main courses and side dishes and finally dessert, the recipes that we propose in this section represent a "voyage" amid tastes, aromas and flavours of the Veneto region, many of which were believe lost in time. Some are elaborate, others are simple and the ingredients stand out among the PDO (protected designation of origin) and PGI (protected geographical indication) of the Veneto area. Ours is a cuisine of quality that is already well-known on a national and international level. Everyone knows that in Veneto you eat well and drink even better and here you will find excellent Venetian wines to be combined to each recipe. 

Our hope is that these tasty recipes will make you want to discover the places where our traditional products come from and that your holiday in the Veneto is an absolute pleasure.


Main course

Second course