The Valpolicella spa is the flagship of Villa Quaranta Tommasi Wine Hotel & SPA, a Venetian villa of the XVII century surrounded by large gardens in the heart of Valpolicella Classica, a few kilometres from Lake Garda and the art city of Verona.

The Wellness Centre is open all year round and offers guests 2500 sq. m. of style and wellness where the bromine-iodine-salt thermal water is the protagonist of special and exclusive treatments: 1000 square meters of thermal pools, 225 sq. m. of Saunas - Thermarium, 520 sq. m. of Fitness Area and 500 sq. m. of Wellness Centre where you can enjoy unique experiences such as Vinotherapy with Valpolicella and Amarone, the great wines of the area.

The spa water of Valpolicella is mineralised, bacteriologically pure, characterized by sodium, chlorine, calcium, magnesium, sulphates and bicarbonates with prevailing minerals.

It favours the defence and care of the skin and has an emollient and anti-inflammatory action.

The Wellness Centre is also complete with the SPA Clinic Medical Centre that with a team of specialists, a range of cutting edge diagnostic and therapeutic instruments and the curative properties of the thermal waters ensures a global vision for the customer of their state of health.

The Spa Centre is open all year round

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