Valcorba Animal Park

Route details Recommended period Spring, Summer Phone+39 0429 773055
Useful advice: Out of respect for the animals that live in the park, you may not enter with dogs and other animals.
The Valcorba Animal park is located in Stroppare di Pozzonovo, a small town between Padova and Rovigo. The protected area boasts twenty hectares of land which have been remodelled with care in order to accommodate more than 200 animals coming mostly from Africa, but also from Asia and South America.

The park is a wide-scope project which goes beyond the conventional concept of a classic zoo where animals are on show, instead recreating their natural habitats as closely as possible. The good aim of the project is testified not only by the great number of visits it receives, but especially by the number of births in captivity. Usually this kind of event is rare, but at the Valcorba Animal Park it happens more frequently than elsewhere.

The almost seventy species of animals kept at the zoo are all equally interesting because in many cases they are animals at risk of extinction, like the two Siberian tiger specimens.

The park has been designed to be a live and lively workshop especially for groups and schools, which can book guided tours and educational workshops.