Venice and its lagoon

In 1718 Bernardo Trevisan wrote that "each of its elements are opposing", as if different forces, both natural and man-made, made this complex but fragile ecosystem a place that the land and sea perennially fought over .

It is a realm of variability in which the salt marshes, swamps and reed beds alternate. In his Sentimental Guide of Venice, Diego Valeri says "it so happens that the prospects are never still, it takes a veil of cloud on the sun or a gleam of sunshine through the clouds to establish the distances and proximities, sizes and relationships that are in stark contrast to reality".

Tiziano Scarpa, a contemporary writer born in Venice, speaks of it like a city to be 'felt with your feet', that that engages the heart, a city that has ears, mouth, nose and eyes, like a fish connected to the mainland by a bridge that looks like a fishing line!

Protected by that charming basin of brackish water,  Venice together with its lagoon is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and no doubt a priceless treasure of art and culture of landscapes and environment.