Transcivetta Karpos Mountain race in pairs
Event details Sport On 17 July 2022 Lago di Alleghe Website Ask for info (0039) 0437523333

On July 17, 2022, the 40th edition of the Karpos Transcivetta will take place, a mountain race in pairs under the majestic north-west face of Monte Civetta.

The route is the one that has been firmly established in recent editions: measuring 21 km, it starts from the town of Listolade and ends in Alleghe against the wonderful backdrop of the Piani di Pezzè. Thanks to its ten-year tradition and the spectacular route, the Karpos Transcivetta has become over the years an important event for all athletes who compete in the discipline of mountain running.

There will be 2000 athletes, running in pairs, perfectly welcomed in Alleghe where a well-oiled organisation now guarantees the success of the event.

As in every edition, a large team of employees and volunteers will be waiting for athletes as they pass through the most striking parts of the route, also making use of the support of some of the most renowned alpine refuges such as the Capanna Trieste Refuge, Vazzoler Refuge, Tissi Refuge and Coldai Refuge.

On arrival, a hospitable welcome is offered by the local organisations that take care of every aspect, including local gastronomic delights and musical entertainment.

Registration is open on the event website: – We are waiting for you!

Source: Iat Alleghe