Safe Driving in the Dolomites

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Useful advice: It is highly recommended to use full bike clothing (gloves, protective jacket and trousers, back protector and biking boots or shoes) and a waterproof bodysuit. A high-visibility jacket is also advisable.
Tackling winding mountain roads on a motorbike requires experience and knowledge of the area. The journey offers a route of three days through the most beautiful places of the Belluno Dolomites, accompanied by an instructor that, after a theoretical lesson on safe driving in the mountains, accompanies you to discover the best views offered by the Monti Pallidi.
The complex route reveals the wonders of the Cadore: driving mainly in the province of Belluno, we depart from Lago di Santa Croce and arrive in the capital of the province. Divided in two stretches, one for Saturday and the other for Sunday, starting with the great Dolomite journey the 'Giro dei 4 Passi' which begins from Auronzo and is 170 km long, discovering the enchanting forest of Somadida along the way. The bikers then move towards Cortina d'Ampezzo to venture into the heart of the tour: the passage of the four alpine passes. The first that we meet is the Falzarego Pass, with its vast lunar landscape, the second is the Gardena Pass, the third is the Sella Pass and the fourth and last is the Pordoi Pass, a communication road between the Sella and the Marmolada. From here the participants reach Arabba to then return to Cortina.

The route on Sunday is about one hundred kilometres long: it starts from Cortina d'Ampezzo and finishes in Belluno. Through the Giau Pass, which boasts breathtaking views, the motorcyclists reach the municipality of Selva di Cadore, with beautiful glimpses of the Civetta. We then head to Val Fiorentina, passing through the Staulanza Pass. Arriving in Val di Zoldo, the route continues to Pècol and Zoldo Alto, across the Duran Pass and reaching Agordino through the town of Agordo and concluding in Belluno.
The Dolomites road driving course takes place from Friday to Sunday with participants meeting up at the Lago di Santa Croce (Biella). The teams travel with an instructor and cover about 300 km before reaching Belluno.