Rosolina Mare

A lush pine forest, extensive beaches and Venetian style fishing grounds

Long beaches, a variety of tourist offerings and the uniqueness of the environment of the Po Delta qualify the seaside resort of the province of Rovigo that is frequented by young people and families. This thin ribbon of sand that extends for nine kilometres, Rosolina Mare is a young beach city, born in the 1960s to exploit the considerable potential for tourism due to its location, with particular attention to safeguarding the environmental value of the area.

The dense and lush pine forest, together with the Mediterranean forest of oak trees, boarders the dunes of the beach, offers 172 acres lined with trees and a quiet retreat for a picnic and relax. Since ancient times, the fish farms of the nearby are equipped for the breeding of some species. This city of Rovigo has numerous tourist facilities and numerous sport offerings. Swimming pools, bicycles that can be rented, tennis courts, ridding schools and the tourist dock of Porto Fossone fill sunny days spent at Rosolina.

You could also spend your days discovering the natural and historic beauty that surrounds Rosolina Mare such as, the Costal Botanic Garden of Porto Caleri. The island of Albarella is only a few kilometres from Rosalina. This island has a stretch of sand of more than two and a half kilometres that slowly slopes into the sea and deserted long stretches. The backdrop of the island is 600 meters of forest with Mediterranean flora. Albarella also has a port with approximately five hundred mooring places and one of the most beautiful golf courses of Italy.


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Long-loved by German-speaking tourists, Rosolina is a famous seaside resort that boasts among its features the unspoilt Porto Caleri and the exclusive Albarella Island with its beautiful marina and fjords.

The green and immaculate resort offers a wide variety of entertainment opportunities for both young and old lovers of unspoilt nature, including ponds and marina channels perfect for long walks.

However, there are also other parts of Rosolina that offer colourful aperitifs on the beach, areas equipped for sailing lessons, beach tennis, volleyball and football.

In summer 2017, the resort was adapted to welcome disabled visitors, in addition to the established standard hospitality, comfort and safety.

Visitors can enjoy pristine golden beaches equipped to meet all needs: from children to more mature and adventurous tourists who are interested in more than just sun and sea.

Rosolina is full of hidden treasures, a haven for birdwatchers and nature photographers.

Large lagoons and lakes, fiery sunsets, thousands of migrating ducks, coots, herons, waders. You can follow the banks of the Po di Venezia upward to admire wide floodplains where you can spot waders and herons, or take the Via della Bonifica along the Valle Mea, now reclaimed, and observe evidence of the evolution of the country houses and industrial archaeology.

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