Ring of Chestnut

Route details Recommended period Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter Phone+39 0439 3328
Go on foot, distance 3 kilometres.

The province of Belluno offers an infinite number of proposals for undemanding naturalistic itineraries to do with the children.

This path winds through the area of Costa Solana and Case Biasetto, through one of the most beautiful and best preserved stretches of Feltre countryside, and partially overlaps the thematic itinerary Chiesette Pedemontane.

Along the trail you can admire the spectacular chestnut tree specimens: a plant “imported” by Romans but that, according to scientists, was present in Europe before the glaciations of the Quaternary (concluded 10,000 years ago). The glaciations would have progressively reduced the chestnut’s area of diffusion, confining it to Asia Minor.

Therefore it’s not a “foreign” plant, but an ancient inhabitant of our forests, “brought home” by the Romans after the glaciations had forced it to take refuge in warmer areas.

Feltre, the town on high
Enclosed between high mountains and perched on a small hill, Feltre has for centuries been the cornerstone of important paths of communication. Its historic town centre is an exciting discovery with the surprise of finding an city of art of such high quality within the alps and dolomites.