Renoir. L'alba di un nuovo classicismo Post-Impressionist art exibition in Rovigo
Event details Exhibitions From 25 February 2023 To 25 June 2023 Rovigo Website Ask for info +390425460093

The one dedicated to Renoir is a truly original exhibition: the dawn of a new classicism, curated by Paolo Bolpagni at Palazzo Roverella in Rovigo from 25th February to 25th June 2023.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, one of the greatest exponents of Impressionism, focuses on the moment following the brief impressionist experience, when the artist, driven by a profound creative restlessness, decided to undertake a trip to Italy in 1881. The production of Renoir starting from the 1880s will be placed at the center of the investigation, which marked the beginning of a progressive departure from the impressionist experience. The exhibition will then follow the evolution of his painting in subsequent developments, from the classical and "neo-Renaissance" monumentality of the figures to the landscapes of Provence and the French Riviera, also investigating the relationships with other artists.

In the exhibition, the itinerary will start from a masterpiece of Renoir's impressionist season, the large preparatory study in oil on canvas of the famous Moulin de la Galette. The common thread of the biographical story of the artist's personal events will not be missing, also along the lines of the biography that his son Jean Renoir, the famous film-director, dedicated to his father in the early 1960s.