Recioto and Gambellara Wine Road
Route details Departure pointMontebello Arrival pointGambellara

This Wine Road crosses through a volcanic area in the province of Vicenza, heart of the Garganega vineyards, which produce some very important dry or passito white wines, like the rare Recioto di Gambellara and Vin Santo.

The route unwinds along the lower valley of the River Chiampo, a smallish area where we can discover ancient and noble residences on the border between the Vicenza and Verona regions. On the last gentle slopes of the Lessini Mountains, amidst vines, fertile green valleys with all their rivers and streams we find Gambellara, a small village where the most important private wine producing company in Italy has its headquarters.

As we climb up to the panoramic ridge, we enter the Classic wine production area, where we find Montebello Vicentino with Villa Valmarana Zonin, the Church of St. Mary of the Assumption and Villa Capra now Meneguzzo.

The Recioto Road finally reaches Montecchio Maggiore, between the lovely hills where tourists can enjoy a relaxing walk in the green countryside to discover all of its most fascinating sites. Among the important architecture, we should mention the Castle of Romeo and Juliet and Villa Cordellina-Lombardi, which was built in 1735 in Palladian style, and is decorated with frescoes by Gian Battista Tiepolo.

Sopressa Vicentina DOP

Is a high calibre ‘salame’ - 15-20 centimetres in diameter; from 3 to 7 kilos in weight - prepared with the best cuts of pork (ham, shoulder, neck etc.). After 4-6 months of seasoning it is soft and aromatic. It is one of the champions of Veneto agri-food and Vicenza in particular, from the moment that the best products are created on the slopes of Pasubio. Among the local gastronomic customs, heating the slices on the grid and accompanying them with polenta, stands out.

The Recioto road evolves in the areas more to the west of the province of Vicenza, on the border with the province of Verona, between the municipalities of Gambellara, Montebello Vicentino, Montorso and Zermeghedo. Gambellara is located on the border between Vicenza (22 km) and Verona (30 km),

The Garganega grape is a great protagonist in the vineyard, from which dry and sweet white wines of exceptional quality are obtained.

The path evolves within a limited area, which could be defined as a ‘wine-producing park’ for the quality of the landscape and the strong specialization of the crops.